We’re proud to give back to causes that we care about.

CharterNet Cares is about giving back to causes we care about. We regularly donate our services on a pro-bono basis to help the underserved. Here are a few of the causes we are committed to:

CharterNet Pro Bono Day

On the 8th of March, in collaboration with Surf Rider Foundation Australia, we embarked on a mission to help protect just one of Australia’s many beautiful beaches. The entire CharterNet team travelled to Bondi Beach for a day of conservation activities and clean up.

A phenomenal effort meant that…

  • 1,510 pieces of plastic packaging were collected;
  • 2,190 cigarette butts were collected; and
  • 17.9 kilograms of weight in total were collected and recycled accordingly.

We’re looking forward to our continued efforts in the space, as part of our ongoing CharterNet Cares commitments. The Earth is what we all have in common and change starts with each one of us individually. It takes small steps to make a big difference.

CharterNet regularly partners with organisations we believe are important to creating a better world.


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Palmera takes an entrepreneurial approach to humanitarian efforts in Sri Lanka, allowing residents to raise funding for initiatives in their areas. Palmera supports more than 6000 entrepreneurs and farmers to increase their income and savings.

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birds of passage logo image

A Sydney-based non-profit organisation, Birds of Passage assists homeless youth, women, men and families. Through weekly food runs in Woolloomooloo, Birds of Passage has provided those in need with nutritious, restaurant-grade food since 2011.

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Pratham seeks to improve the literacy rate of disadvantaged children throughout Australia and the world at large. Founded on the belief that education is the fundamental right of every child, Pratham has impacted more than 36 million children globally.

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